Entry #1

Just a little warning...

2016-02-16 23:30:36 by Galbert

First off, big "Hello" to all you new followers! Also, super stoked about the whole front page thing! I have no idea how common or easy it is to get on front page, but I'm gonna pretend that it's really hard so I feel better about it. Good job, me.

Anyway! Just wanted to give a little warning to those of you who have not already perused my other posts here on Newgrounds. They're, shall we say a little bit, they're slightly - they're porn, they're porn. So I hope your into that kind of stuff.

If not... whoopsie?

Might make a seperate account if it becomes too wierd for me, but I don't see that happening too soon, so in the meantime, get ready for a super awkward mix of homework and butts...


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2016-02-17 08:19:42

Congrats man; cool game and cool porns.
Personally I have nothing against a healthy mix of nsfw and sfw stuff on the same profile, but if you decide to make a second profile I'll just have to follow that one too ;p

Galbert responds:

I appreciate that man!
I'll probably keep it as is then.


2016-02-18 14:55:52

I giggled when your comment to my review for Lost was something along the lines of "dont look at my other stuff if your expecting cute from me"

I dont care what you post. I reviewed Lost 5 stars because it IS a great game.
And I followed you because I want to see more games like that from you.
If you wanna create NSFW content, go ahead but I do hope that you dont lose sight on quality.

MATTER OF FACT, I think a porn version of gameplay like Lost would be AWESOME!

I think your cartooning style is really great, keep up the good work. I have no regrets becoming your fan.

Galbert responds:

That means a lot to me, thank you.